The Cleveland State Community College Mace

On this special occasion we introduce Cleveland State’s first ceremonial mace. Historically, a mace was designed as a weapon. By the 13th century a decorated mace was used for ceremonial purposes in England and France. Over the centuries the use of a ceremonial mace became a tradition in colleges and universities to lead processionals and signify the significance of the occasion.
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Planning the Next 50 Years at Cleveland State

In 2015 we developed the Cleveland State 2020 Community First Plan. This is the new strategic plan that will lead the college into the next 50 years. True to its name this plan is unique in that 300 community individuals from across our service area came together to help us build this..
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Tennessee Valley Early College (TVEC)

Tennessee Valley Early College (TVEC) at Cleveland State is a new partnership program between the college and local school systems designed to allow students to pursue college credit at the same time they are earning a high school diploma.   This goal is achieved by engaging students in a rigorous..

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Cleveland State is in the process of a major transformation. All academic and support programs, processes and procedures are being reengineered as integrated structural pathways designed for individual student success in career or transfer. This work is guided by the Pathways Project of the American..

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