Andrew Morgan

Want to avoid using a bankruptcy attorney’s services? Better head to Cleveland State.

A 2001 Cleveland State graduate, Andrew Morgan, founder of Andrew B. Morgan, Attorney at Law, took a unique path to earn his general transfer degree from CSCC.

“I was the first student to ever complete my associate degree before receiving my high school diploma,” he says.

How’d he do it? Dual-enrollment. A mere week after his CSCC graduation, Andrew donned a cap and gown for the second time to walk across the stage at Bradley Central High School’s graduation.

Student with Services

And he didn’t stop there. Two years later, he earned his bachelor’s in political science from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. He then went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from the University of Memphis in 2007. Just five years after graduating from high school and CSCC, Andrew was prepared to enter the law profession. And it all started at Cleveland State.

“All of the programs at Cleveland State were very good,” Andrew says. “I had amazing instructors—even the adjust professors. The staff was great, and the size of the campus was perfect. It has such a hometown feel, and I didn’t get that when I went on to further my education.”

Andrew had such an appreciation for his time at CSCC that he stayed in touch with many of the faculty and staff members after leaving. One of them, the late Alexander Delk, who was Andrew’s speech professor, even hired Andrew for legal services.

A Family Foundation

For Andrew, Cleveland State is a family affair. His mother earned her associate’s from the college in the 70s and is now a small business owner. His sister, a forester in Alabama, also graduated from CSCC. And his wife, Dr. Brittany Morgan, attended the college before transferring to Lee University.

Because Andrew has such an appreciation for the foundation Cleveland State laid, he recommends all local high school graduates choose CSCC for the convenient, cost-effective, quality education available. He tells potential CSCC Cougars how he took classes, held a job, interacted with the college’s President and Board of Trustees—all while preparing for a future that included opening his own firm in early 2016.

“If I had to do it all over again today, I’d still choose Cleveland State,” Andrew says. “Why would you go off to college and spend one-hundred thousand dollars on a four-year degree when you can spend a fraction of that for two years of it? As a bankruptcy attorney, CSCC just makes more financial sense.”