Angela Mathis

Capturing a precious moment in time.

When she came to Cleveland State after graduating from Bradley Central High School, Angela Mathis didn’t just dip her toes in the CSCC culture. She jumped in headfirst.

“I get emotional sometimes thinking about the time I spent here,” the 1993 public relations graduate says. “It was like you had a clean slate. It didn’t matter who you were in the schools before you came here. Here, you got to be who you wanted to be.”

Getting Involved

The person she wanted to be was an involved individual. Her first week at the college, Angela signed up for Student Government Association (SGA), Circle K, and any other club or organization she could find.

“At the time,” Angela says, “I didn’t realize that the things I was doing—organizing the homecoming dance or planning ice cream socials for students—would lead to what I do now for a living.”

Following CSCC, Angela earned her BS from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Today, Angela is a Senior Committee Manager for the American Cancer Society. In this role, Angela plans fundraising activities such as basketball and softball tournaments and Relay for Life events in McMinn, Monroe, Meigs, Polk and Rhea counties.

Her organization wasn’t confined to events. As an SGA member, Angela worked to make significant changes at the college. While serving as SGA President, she pushed her fellow SGA members to find issues on campus and write up bills to president to the college’s President for consideration. The CSCC campus sign was a bill, as was the bathroom hand dryers and a short-lived line-dance class. All were pushed through by her administration.

Unearthing Memories

One bill, however, has particular significance to Angela. Before coming to CSCC, Angela helped create a time capsule at Bradley Central. When the idea of a time capsule was pitched by the Cleveland State SGA, Angela was hooked. She wrote the bill, got it approved by the college President, built by maintenance, and then buried. On April 10, 2017, twenty-five years after burying the time capsule, it will be unearthed at 11 a.m. outside the Student Center. Angela hopes many in the community will come—particularly those who participated in the creation of the time capsule, such as her SGA Vice President that year, Tammy Porter.

Married to Barry Mathis for twelve years and having two stepchildren, life has changed personally for Angela since her graduating. In unearthing the time capsule, Angela and others will be reminded of how culture and the college have changed. Angela will also be reminded of one thing that hasn’t changed through the years: her appreciation for CSCC.

“Cleveland State gave me the two years I needed to grow and find myself and become a confident person,” she says. “I owe Cleveland State for everything I am today and my career. It had everything I needed.”